Vulcan Digital

Vulcan ICT is a technological firm that aims towards the betterment of our country by closing the information gap in our, as well as foreigners' commutes on a daily basis. From efficiency to sufficiency, we aim to play a key role in delivering specific and comprehensive information to solve our clients' problems with utmost convenience and ease. Vulcan ICT is engaged in various facets of technology, from web design to social media marketing, mobile app development and innovative solutions.


WEBsite Development

Over the past 2 years, Vulcan ICT has helped design and launch websites for various businesses. With a core of experienced programmers and web designers, Vulcan ICT has created a variety of projects on the cutting edge of website development.

Social Media Advertising

Vulcan ICT understands the power of social media and advertising in the modern age. We make use of the latest advances in social media marketing to deliver state of the art digital advertising strategies. Vulcan ICT has earned its considerable right to claim a stake in the social media advertising by bringing household names to the market and helping them reach the vast audience they seek. Our advertising strategies expand the outreach effort of businesses by locating their custom target market. Vulcan ICT has enabled various businesses to take advantage of the advertising side of Social Media for growth and continuity in their businesses and will contiue to do so for our future clients and partners.

Event Organizing

Amongst its various expertise, Vulcan Investment Group has a division that aims to bring the structural order and strength to the events held in Ethiopia and Africa in general. Working in tandem with the advertising sector of the office-hold, we bring a better dish to the table. Vulcan combines various experiences and lessons, giving class and professionalism to the market.


Our Packages

Static Website
  • Web Design
  • Web Content
  • With Hosting
  • Unlimited Storage


Dynamic Website
  • BackSide Page
  • Web Design
  • Updatable
  • With Hosting
  • Unlimited storage


Social Media
  • Manage Account
  • Graphics Design
  • Week Advertisment
  • upto 20,000 reach



When the need for support, maintainance, and updates arises, Vulcan ICT delivers a fair trade, as it does the actions free of charge for as long as the engagment allows. In doing so, giving more than satisfactory service for our clients and partners.