Software Development

Over the past 5 years, Vulcan ICT has helped design and launch websites for various businesses. With a core of experienced programmers and web designers, Vulcan ICT has created a variety of projects on the cutting edge of website development.

Social Media Advertising

Vulcan ICT understands the power of social media and advertising in the modern age. We make use of the latest advances in social media marketing to deliver state of the art digital advertising strategies.

Event Organizing

Amongst its various expertise, Vulcan Investment Group has a division that aims to bring the structural order and strength to the events held in Ethiopia and Africa in general.

Pricing Plans

Our Packages

Basic plan

$ 0 Features Include

Static Website Design

  • Free Logo Design
  • Clean & Responsive
  • Contact Forms
  • Website Security, Firewall,
  • Malware Scanning
  • 1 Year Grantee
  • Support Included
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Premium Plan

$ 0 Features Include

Everything in Basic Plan and...

  • Dynamic Website
  • Unlimited Addon Domains
  • Automated Backups
  • Dashboard for Backside
  • Secure SSH Access
  • 2X more CPU and RAM
  • Support Included
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$ 0 Features Include

Everything in Premium Plan and...

  • E-Commerce Panel and Dashboard
  • Reporting Tools
  • Daily Malware Scanning
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • 2 Years Grantee
  • Support Included
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Custom Web Systems and Solutions

$ 0 Web Managment System

Custom features per specifications could include...

  • Warehouse Managment System
  • Data,information & file Managment System
  • Client Specified Solution
  • 2 Years Grantee
  • Support Included
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Why Choose Us?

Vulcan differentiating qualities

Free Domain Transfer

Unlimited BandWidth


99% Uptime

Free Website Optimization

24/7 Tech Support


Additional services


When the need for support, maintainance, and updates arises, Vulcan ICT delivers a fair trade, as it does the actions free of charge for as long as the engagment allows. In doing so, giving more than satisfactory service for our clients and partners.


Vulcan ICT provides the security of the websites and softwares under its developement with guarantee. A secure online system has a web application firewall activated to prevent attacks and hacks. It also follows website security best practices and has no configuration issues or known vulnerabilities in accordance to cyber security compliances

Domain Providing

With premium cloud hosting & support at affordable prices! Get unlimited cloud hosting today from Vulcan ICT and its CSP partners.

Our Clients

Throughout the years of experience Vulcan ICT amongst many others is proud to call these its partners and satisfied customers.

Colorlib Template
Colorlib Template
Colorlib Template
Colorlib Template
Colorlib Template
More than 30 projects has been done
0 Websites developed
0 Managed Social Media Accounts
0 Software Developed
0 Logos and Brands Developed